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Weber Consulting Associates, Inc. was established in the fall of 1985, to “control” the construction process for Owners and Developers. We specialize in advising Owners and Developers on construction and development related issues.

Weber Consulting Associates, Inc. provides professional services in many areas of the construction industry. Our primary service is acting as a consultant to the Owner on new construction projects. We can also serve as the Owner’s representative throughout the development process. We provide technical advice on budgeting, remodeling, capital improvement and code compliance upgrade issues. Our consulting specialists also provide troubleshooting services and legal consultation in construction matters.

Weber, Inc. extends these services by providing full Construction Management & General Contracting services to Owners and Developers. The enclosed links detail some of the separate services provided by our firm.

Weber Companies uses state of the art customized computer programs to provide adequate information and documentation for our clientele. Critical path method scheduling and computerized construction cost statements are just two of the many that insure maximum control of timing and cost functions throughout each phase of a project. Our professionalism and knowledge of the construction industry assures the Owner of responsible cost control, timely scheduling and the highest quality in the completed project.

Our services also provide expertise in project management, project development and project financing, and are tailored to meet the individual needs of every client. Our services are used regularly by over 30 clients. We emphasize control of the planning and design phases of a project to streamline and focus the construction process.

Our experienced and knowledgeable project managers are under the direct supervision of the president of the company. Our project managers are members of the Construction Management Association of Minnesota.

Our staff devotes the time and resources necessary to keep our clients well satisfied. All of us at Weber Companies are totally committed and dedicated to cost efficient, timely and quality construction.

We appreciate your consideration of our services and hope we may be of service to you in the near future.


The Construction Consultant is an advisor to the Owner during the Planning and Design, Bidding, Construction, and Warranty phases of a Project. The basic intent of this relationship between the Owner and the Construction Consultant is to furnish the Owner with experienced construction knowledge during the Project so that schedule, cost, and quality are maintained. This process assures the Owner that their Project is constructed according to their intent, and that the development budget is maintained.

The introduction of the Consultant does not change the Architect-Owner relationship, but only serves to strengthen it by adding construction and cost experience to the Development Team. The Owner-Contractor relationship also remains the same, but raises the Owner’s comfort level and increases the control by the Owner, which results in the best of quality and cost efficiency for the Owner.


  • Prepare Budgets and Preliminary Cost Estimates of probable Construction Costs from Schematic Drawings.
  • Prepare a second updated Preliminary Cost Estimate of probable Construction Costs from Design Development Drawings.
  • Prepare a final Cost Estimate of probable Construction Costs for evaluation of Contractor’s Proposals, and for use in evaluating the Contractor’s Payment process.
  • Assist the Owner in evaluating Contracting Procedures contemplated for the Project.
  • Assist the Owner and its Professional Consultant’s in the preparation of the Bid Documents, Contracts, and Payment Procedures.
  • Review all communication between Architect/Engineer and the Owner.
  • Participate in all Project Review Meetings with the Owner and Architect.
  • Provide additional Services as requested by the Owner:
    • Participate in the selection and negotiation of fees and Contracts with the Architect/Engineer and/or other Professional Consultants’.
    • Review and evaluate the Project Design, Layout and Operating Characteristics.
    • Review and evaluate the Project Development Budget and Financing.


  • Assist the Owner in pre-qualifying and evaluating General, Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection and Elevator Contractors’.
  • Assist the Owner in evaluating Construction Proposals and negotiating Construction Contracts.
  • Assist the Owner, its Professional Consultants and Legal Counsel in Contract preparation for all major Subcontracts.
  • Assist in evaluations of Contracting Procedures and Scheduling impact prior to the Construction Phase.


  • Review the Owner’s Contract Awards and major Subcontract Awards.
  • Review major Material Purchases of Contractors’ and Subcontractors’.
  • Review and approve the Contractor’s Construction Schedule of Values for use in Payment Applications.
  • Review and approve the Contractor’s Construction Schedule.
  • Review and approve the Contractor’s monthly Application for Payment, and make Payment recommendations to the Owner.
  • Semi-monthly provide to the Owner a brief written Summary reporting the status of the Contractor’s Schedule, Progress, Work forces, Productivity, Shop Drawings, Sample Status and Material Deliveries.
  • Review, Evaluate and assist the Owner and its Architect/Engineer regarding proposed Change Orders and Change Orders. Maintain a Change Order Log when necessary.
  • Assist the Architect as necessary with coordination of substantial and final completion.
  • At the Owner’s request, provide miscellaneous analysis and/or opinion of construction related Contract Procedures, Schedules and Cost Activities.
  • Provide Contract Administration Monitoring Services, as contemplated in “Exhibit B, Owner’s Construction Consultant”.
  • If requested by the Owner, provide additional Services:
    • Review and coordinate the Owner’s Interior Decorating Services for the Project.
    • Review and coordinate the completion of Tenant Spaces in the Project.


  • Provide normal Post-Construction follow-up.
  • If requested by the Owner, provide additional Services beyond the Scope of the Basic Services.


The Construction Manager is a valuable member of the Owner’s Project Development Team. The Construction Manager is responsible for developing and implementing a Project Management Plan that will achieve the goals of the Owner, and to keep the Project within the budgetary, quality and schedule parameters established by the plan. The Construction Manager does not design or construct the Project. The Construction Manager’s job is to implement a management framework within which those processes may be carried out efficiently and effectively. The development team approach to Project Management reverses the inherently adversarial nature of traditional construction; therefore, reducing the causes of disputes and subsequent litigation.

Flexibility in a Construction Manager’s service’s program allows it to be tailored to the specific needs of the Project. The program can also be coordinated with the management resources and needs of the Owner. Construction Management has proven beneficial to all types of construction Projects in both the public and private sectors.


  • Assist in the selection of an Architect and other Professional Consultants’.
  • Identify Project responsibility list for Development Team.
  • Assist in Project Planning and Design Meetings with the Architect.
  • Prepare Preliminary Budgets and Cost Estimates as required.
  • Prepare Schedule for all four phases of construction.
  • Advise the Owner as necessary, of Contract Procedures, Materials and Schedules.
  • Prepare and update as necessary, Construction Cost Statement.
  • Prepare and update as necessary, Construction Schedule.
  • Prepare anticipated amounts of Payment Schedule.
  • Make recommendations to the Architect on Bidding Procedures and Scope of Work.


  • Pre-qualify Bidders.
  • Develop Proposal Forms and identify Scope of Work for each bidding category.
  • Contractor Communication during Bidding Process.
  • Tabulate Proposals.
  • Evaluate Proposals.
  • Conduct Contractor Negotiations.
  • Recommend Contract Awards.
  • Assist in determining further Value Engineering requirements.
  • Prepare Contracts for Owner’s execution.


  • Provide on-site supervision of entire construction process.
  • Conduct regular on-site Progress Meetings.
  • Prepare Payment Applications and conduct monthly Payment Application approval meetings.
  • Monitor Subcontractor performance and Contract compliance.
  • Construction coordination.
  • Assist with Change Order determination, preparation and processing.
  • Process Shop Drawings and Samples to Architect for approvals.
  • Prepare and maintain a complete Construction Schedule.
  • Maintain As-Built Drawings, Warranties and Guarantees.
  • Coordinate Punchlist completion, and Owner occupancy.
  • Maintain updated Schedule of Values or Sworn Construction Statement.
  • Administer all General Conditions and Construction support activities.


  • Provide Post-Construction follow-up as necessary during the entire Warranty Period.
  • Advise the Owner regarding any additional Services required beyond the normal Scope of Work.



  1. Investigation of existing conditions, including site visits for visual inspection. Still and/or video photography.
  2. Claim analysis with Owner and Attorney.
  3. Report on findings or documentation of findings.
  4. Identify Scope of Work for correction of problems.
  5. Code and Contract compliance.
  6. Written Cost Estimates utilizing Weber Consulting Associates and Subcontractor Estimating.
  7. Project Administration and Correction Work Management.
  8. Inspection Reports on Scheduling and quality of work.
  9. Claim preparation and evaluation.
  10. Technical assistance to Attorneys and support for Dispute Resolution.
  11. Presentation Material for Dispute Resolution.
  12. Expert Testimony.